Our Company

One 5 Olive, LLC is a company co-founded by Northside Milwaukee natives and brothers David Griggs and Greg Davis in May of 2016. We started the business in the Twin Cities, but our mission from the beginning has always been to help revitalize and stabilize neighborhoods through renovation in our “true home”, the City of Milwaukee.

Our Mission

We see vast opportunities for “Public/Private” partnership and have been diligently working at providing an answer worth executing. Since the inception of the business, we have committed our time and energy into providing a product the community would be proud of. Now we are focusing our efforts on scaling our operations efficiently, while maintaining affordability


One 5 Olive

Formed in Minneapolis, MN One 5 Olive has produced affordable, dynamic and stylish housing options for people of all walks of life .


The secret of life is to have no fear; Its the only way to function.

— Stokely Carmichael


Our Portfolio

Our portfolio includes repositioned properties from single store ranches to two story bungalows and more.